AridDek FAQs

Will AridDek aluminum deck boards get hot during the summer?

Aluminum’s high thermal conductivity dissipates heat, providing a cooler deck surface than most wood or composite surfaces.

What colors are available?

AridDek aluminum decking is available in two color options, Ash Gray and Sandstone. To see the decking colors up-close; click here to request a product sample.

Will outdoor exposure cause AridDek to weather or fade? Is routine maintenance involved to keep my deck looking new?

AridDek will not age, fade or “weather” like alternative decking materials; it is naturally UV resistant to the deteriorating effects of direct sunlight and will not splinter, decay or rot. meets or exceeds AAMA-2603.02 Since AridDek is made with aluminum, it is impervious to insects and termites plus the non-porous surface is naturally resistant to fungi, mold and mildew.

With AridDek aluminum deck boards, there’s no time or money spent on routine maintenance like sanding, painting, staining, sealing, or waterproofing. Just years of enjoyment on a deck you will be proud to show off!

Is the aluminum decking slippery?

No. AridDek has a 20 year powder coated finish provides steady footing in wet or dry conditions. Plus, the ripped surface provides additional traction and conceals the hidden fasteners system for a gapless, skid free surface.

Where can I purchase AridDek?

All of Wahoo Decks’ products can be purchased via special order from your local lumber yard or home center.

When you have the dimensions or drawing of your upcoming project, take them to your local lumber yard or home center and ask them to special order our products for you.

Or if you’d prefer, give our Wahoo Decks Team a call at:
Toll Free: 877.270.9387
Phone: 678.343.2317

You can even send us a fax at 678.343.2916

Is AridDek environmentally friendly?

Yes. AridDek is manufactured using 45% recycled content from industrial and post-consumer aluminum scrap. AridDek also harvests rainwater, reducing pollution from stormwater runoff. Because of the recycled content and the stormwater management, this product assists builders in achieving points toward LEED credits based on the standards set forth by the LEED Green Building Rating System within the categories of Recycled Content of Materials, Construction Waste Management and Stormwater Design.

LEED Credits: MR Credit2.1, MR Credit 2.2, MR Credit 4.1, MR Credit 4.2, SS Credit 6.1

Will my AridDek ever rust?

AridDek is extruded from a pure aluminum alloy and cannot rust. However, as with other decking materials including wood, composite, or even concrete, steel products that come in contact with AridDek can rust and even stain AridDek. Do not store metal objects on AridDek that could rust and stain your deck. Avoid metal working on AridDek. When installing iron railings, protect AridDek with a non-plastic drop cloth to prevent grinding dust and weld splatter from settling on the surface of AridDek.

Do I have to pitch AridDek?

Yes, we suggest approximately 1/8” pitch per linear foot. This is a minimal pitch that will not be visible to the naked eye but provides a generous slope for water to drain away from the structure.

Do I need special tools to install AridDek?

No. AridDek can be installed with a minimum number of readily available tools. No special tools are necessary for installation.

Can I cantilever AridDek? Is there a suggested overhang?

AridDek is a maintenance free decking product – the interlocking boards create the surface for your deck. And since it is a deck board it cannot be cantilevered – deck boards should never be cantilevered.

A 2” overhang beyond the fascia on the drainage side is suggested to shield the joists from backsplash due to heavy downpour and ease optional gutter installation.

Are the AridDek waterproof deck boards compliant with local building codes and International Building Codes?

Yes. AridDek meets or exceeds the specifications and guidelines for aluminum structures as recommended by AA ADM 1 and required by the International Building Code – 2006.

Building Code Requirements – International Building Code – 2006

1604.3.5 Aluminum. The deflection of aluminum structural members shall not exceed that permitted by AA ADM1.
2002.1 General. Aluminum used for structural purposes in buildings and structures shall comply with AA ASM 35 and AA ADM 1. The nominal loads shall be the minimum design
loads required by Chapter 16.
Aluminum Sheet Metal Work in Building Construction (Fourth Edition):
SCOPE: These specifications shall apply to the proper use of aluminum in roofing, flashing and other sheet metal work in building construction. They are not intended to cover the details or specifications of proprietary or pre-formed sheet metal systems or products, such as horizontal siding, fascia and soffit systems, curtain wall systems, corrugated or ribbed roofing and siding, etc.
Aluminum Design Manual: Part 1-A Aluminum Structures, Allowable Stress Design; and Part 1-B – Aluminum Structures, Load and Resistance Factor Design of Buildings and Similar Type Structures
SCOPE: The Aluminum Design Manual includes aluminum structural design specifications and accompanying commentary, a supplemental design guide, material properties, section properties, design aid tables and graphs, illustrative design examples and guidelines for aluminum sheet metal work in building construction.


My deck frame was built using ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) pressure treated wood, is it compatible with AridDek aluminum decking boards?

Yes, AridDek was designed to be compatible with ACQ treated lumber and is produced with a barrier coating (a special powder-coat paint applied at the mill) to prevent ACQ contact with the bare aluminum. As a matter of fact, AridDek has been used with ACQ since this lumber treatment was introduced a few years ago and used on some of the country’s most prestigious boat dock systems.

Other building products that are not compatible with ACQ recommend simply adding a felt paper or PVC barrier (sheets or strips) to prevent contact with ACQ treated lumber. The point here is that it is not difficult to use other standard metal components such as uncoated aluminum or uncoated steel while ACQ is still the standard pressure treatment for lumber.

Decking fastener manufacturers understand the issues with ACQ and have development stainless steel, coated steel and electroplated screw fasteners specifically for use with ACQ.

ACQ will soon be replaced with another treatment that is friendly to standard building materials such a aluminum, steel and steel coatings. There are mills and manufacturers that already produce and sell non-ACQ treated lumber. More can be read about these new treatments and products in web articles on the same subject.

Do I have to install gutters or downspouts?

Installing gutters or downspouts are not required although they can be installed if you would like to incorporate your deck with your landscape architecture and design. Visit the Interactive Deck Workshop for Project Ideas on Water Harvesting.

Can AridDek be used for the deck joists?

No, AridDek can not be used as a component as a truss, structural framing applications for joists, rafters, or support beams. AridDek should solely be used for deck flooring. it just happens to be watertight

What type of blade should I use to cut AridDek?

It is recommended to use either a miter or skill saw with a carbide blade: 12” blade – 96 teeth / 10” blade – 80 teeth / 7 ¼” blade – 62 teeth. Saw blades with fewer teeth stay cooler, last longer and are typically easier to use.

What are the joist spacing requirements when installing AridDek aluminum decking?

The maximum allowable joist spacing is 24” on-center when installing the aluminum deck boards on pre-existing or new joist structures.


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